The Imagery of Chess Revisited (Exhibition)

Guest curated by Larry List, The Noguchi Museum recreates and expands the groundbreaking 1944 exhibition organized by Marcel Duchamp and Max Ernst at the Julien Levy Gallery. In addition to Isamu Noguchi, the exhibition features original designs by artists such as Man Ray, Arshile Gorky and Yves Tanguy.

The-Imagery-of-Chess-Revisited-2005-06 (Exhibition Brochure, pdf file)

!The passed pawn Inn
Isamu Noguchi (Wikipedia)
The Isamu Noguchi Museum Puts Online an Archive of 60,000 Photographs, Manuscripts & Digitized Drawings by the Japanese Sculptor (2019,
The Imagery of Chess -Surrealism and Chess
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Noguchi table (Wikipedia)

Today, 23rd November, is FIBONACCI-DAY

Stupenda animazione

A brief history of chess - Alex Gendler


I have come to the personal conclusion that while all artists are not chess players,
all chess players are artists.

–Marcel Duchamp

!The passed pawn Inn
A Brief History of Chess: An Animated Introduction to the 1,500-Year-Old Game (2019,
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Funk Haus tonight
The Benefits of Boredom


The Benefits of Boredom: How to Stop Distracting Yourself and Get Creative Ideas Again (2019,

"When you're bored, you tend to daydream, and your mind wanders, and this is a very, very important part of the creative process,"

Boredom (Wikipedia)
I should show this to my 12 year old who thinks being bored is the worst thing in the world.
Portraits In Dramatic Time


!Camellia Sinensis Moment

Epic Tea Time (with Alan Rickman)

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Portraits in Dramatic Time (Trailer)
by Moving Portrait on Vimeo
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Wow. Beautiful. And even a 360 video.
While I did find the visual information distracting and closed my eyes, this is one of those pieces that are made in a way I really love. Very immersive soundscapes.
There is a mailing list for the World Forum of Acoustic Ecology. They once published a journal:
The currently latest issue pays tribute to Pauline Oliveros, the composer, who coined the term "Deep Listening". You can still do the courses.

I notice that too when I go out recording: there's hardly any really quiet place left. Quiet as in undisturbed from human noise pollution. Today these often contribute to the sonic landscape and we take it as a given, don't think about it.

This is an example for that, a recording that is just a few months old.
Thank you ! @h.ear.t
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United colors of Hubzilla
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Intermittent Fasting


The 5:2 diet  vs. Alternate-day fasting (ADF)  vs. Time-restricted eating (TRE)

Intermittent fasting: the best method (2019,

And the winner is…

As with any diet, success will be dictated mostly by adherence. When it comes to weight loss, ADF is likely to lead to the most rapid success, but sustaining weight loss in the long term may be aided by the less intense 5:2 approach.

There is some evidence that adherence could be greater in TRE, as completely restricting food intake may be easier for some people than severely restricting it. In this sense, research suggests that skipping dinner may be better for health than skipping breakfast.

It’s important to note that most research suggests that intermittent fasting is no better than traditional methods of dieting. But intermittent fasting regimens that have prolonged periods of fasting, such as TRE with shorter feeding windows and 5:2 with two consecutive very low calorie days, may provide additional health benefits.
Perhaps Not as Safe as We Thought? (Intra-articular Corticosteroid Injections)


Doctors have long considered a single injection of steroids—the type that come from the adrenal glands and modulate the body’s stress response—to be a pretty harmless way to temporarily relieve pain in a joint.

But now he has come to believe that the procedure is more dangerous than he knew. And he and a group of his Boston University colleagues are raising a warning flag for doctors and patients alike.

A Warning From a Doctor Who Has Done Thousands of Steroid Injections for Arthritis (2019, TheAtlantic)

Intra-articular Corticosteroid Injections in the Hip and Knee: Perhaps Not as Safe as We Thought? (2019, Radiology)
One factor that might have contributed to the continued use of corticosteroids (and multiple other therapeutical concepts) is that that the pain of osteoarthritis has a strong tendency to get better over time (just can't find the diagrams right now but the decline in pain is strongest in the first weeks and then proceeds for about one or two years), even though the destruction of the cartilage proceeds. So physicians were led astray by a post hoc ergo propter hoc fallacy as they saw their patients improve quickly after corticosteriod injections.
post hoc ergo propter hoc fallacy

Doctors are just people, too. :-)

What I can say is that often a more or less large effusion is punctured before the injection.
This alone means a considerable relief for the patient. What is finally injected, if necessary at all, depends very individually on the wealth of experience and billing habits of the respective doctor.

What I find important in this article is the clear hint that even a single corticosteriod injection should be considered very carefully, more than one is used to.
Tagliatelle in brodo vegetale frullato (Tagliatelle in blended vegetable broth)

Homemade (by kids)
Tagliatelle in brodo vegetale frullato (semplici e buone)

own work, CCO

!The Food Network
!Children's World

(recreated and corrected a corrupted one year old post)
own work, CC0

Hey, Look! Nonna and Her Pasta Are on YouTube (2019, NYT)

A filmmaker is trying to preserve the art of handmade pasta by turning Italy’s Pasta Grannies into video stars.

!The Food Network

Waiting for You
(Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds)

Waiting for You
by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Topic on YouTube

All through the night we drove and the wind caught her hair
And we parked on the beach in the cool evening air
Well sometimes it's better not to say anything at all

Your body is an anchor, never asked to be free
Just want to stay in the business of making you happy

Well I'm just waiting for you, waiting for you, waiting for you, waiting for you, waiting for you

A priest runs through the chapel, all the calendars are turning
A Jesus freak on the street says he is returning
Well sometimes a little bit of faith can go a long long way

Your soul is my anchor, never asked to be freed
Well sleep now, sleep now, take along as you need cause

Well, I'm just waiting for you, waiting for you, waiting for you, waiting for you, waiting for you
Waiting for you to return to return, to return, to return...

!Music Box
Nick Cave (Wikipedia)
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I again read good things about this album. I have got no idea what keeps me on arms length from Nick Cave. No idea.
This one is said to have some ambienty elements. Now that made me curious. It actually does sound like interesting.

Really does sound interesting. Does not touch me emotionally, though, but sounds like an album well worth exploring. Track 5 now. But need to stop & sleep.
Yes, it's all to discover this album
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New Me!, by Kimiko Ishizaka
New Me!, by Kimiko Ishizaka


10 track album
Toller Vortrag zum Thema

Klimaschutz in der Sackgasse – Bedrohungen und Wege in eine neue Energiewelt. HTW Berlin (Slides zum Vortrag in pdf)

KlausKlaus wrote the following post Tue, 01 Oct 2019 18:33:40 +0200
Reise zum Mond
Ein sehr guter und interessanter Vortrag von Volker Quaschning.

Klimaschutz in der Sackgasse | Prof. Dr. Volker Quaschning | HTW Berlin #Scientists4Future
by jakobsfilm on YouTube
Passend dazu

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Warum hat dieses Video nur 16500 Aufrufe?!? :-/

Energiewende Level 2: Sektorenkopplung
by Joul • Energiewende & Nachhaltigkeit on YouTube
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Bach Piano Concerto BWV 1055 A major David Fray

Bach Piano Concerto BWV 1055 A major David Fray
by Natalia Axenova on YouTube


David Fray - Bach (F-Moll)
by LubaLebedeva on YouTube

Concerto for 2 Pianos in C Minor, BWV 1062: II. Largo ma non tanto
by David Fray - Topic on YouTube

David Fray (Wikipedia)

Thank you @h.ear.t
It must be a visual and an extraordinary acoustic experience to see the entire film. Challenging
I found this film clip :

07 - Blue - Derek Jarman
by Ilpensionante Delsaraceni on YouTube

I myself, the first thing I associated with the word movie was a film by Krzysztof Kieslowski

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Yes, the aoundtrack is extraordinary, immersive and brilliant. The whole piece is highly influencial for me, as a sound collage, sound art, sonic movie. Many (and by many I mean a whole lot) of people who have influenced me theoughout the years can be heard. Coil were returning colaborators, one of the most scareing, revolting, thought provoking, beautiful, challenging and awe inspiring bands I have ever encountered.
Brian Eno.
The great Miranda Sex Garden.

If you've never heard of the latter you may be forgiven, but you should. They sang English Madrigals a capella, as dance remixes and picked up the style for some outstanding more indie, guitar based albums.
They smashed into the goth and indie scene with this outstanding beauty, which is a remix of an acapella piece.

Miranda sex garden Gush forth my tears
by tvrrich2 on YouTube

In 1996 there was an exhibition "Movies And Sound" in London which I went to see several times. They had an installation with Hitchcock's Psycho atretched to 24 hours, which was surreal and a friend remarked that it really showed how meticular his working style was. Then there was a huge installation of objects and sound by Peter Greenaway.
And a writing desk installation by Derek Jarman, the desk cluttered with packagings from all the medication he had to take. At the time this was not what I came to see repeating times, but interestingly it has become the work that had the most lasting impression on me and it's importance and significance has grown a lot. I am hardly able to visualize it, but remembering that huge amounts of packagings and now knowing more about the HIV tragedies, knowing people living with HIV and who have died ...

Actually we do own Bleu too. I think I have seen it, but if so I do not remember anything. Will put it on my watchlist.
Thank you!
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"50 tons de azul" 💙

tecnicamente: tons de índigo, azul, turquesa e ciano.

Thanks @Manuel