Never seen before from this perspective, amazing !
Thank you for all your replies !
Usually, if I can and don't forget it, I try to give references for text passages and pictures. I do this mostly by a small star or a cross, like here.

When I first saw the picture today, I was formally sucked into it. I only knew to think where I was. Amazing !
As a teenager (12-13 years old) I saw Barcelona the last time. As memory remains only the good food, fragrances and the life, day and night, on the Rambla.
The post was intended simply to celebrate the beauty of the picture, no quiz.
Yes I immediately thought of the Sagrada Familia, but wasn't sure. Thanks Haakon :)
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Syntropic Farms

Life in Syntropy
by Life in Syntropy on Vimeo

The word ‘Syntropy’ in an agroforestry concept which refers to “increasing complexity” or bio-diversity within the system.

Syntropic Farming is an innovative approach to regenerative agriculture which allows us to create dynamic, successional, and economically viable ecosystems that restore degraded soil biodiversity. By understanding and respecting nature's complex system, Syntropic Farming imitates the natural regeneration of forests and provides a harmonious integration of our food production systems.

thanks @Manuel and @Tetê Kikuchi  (here)
Ernst Gotsch (Wikipedia)
Munchausen by internet (MBI)

Baron Münchhausen overriding a cannon-ball

The Internet Has a Cancer-Faking Problem (2019, TheAtlantic)

“Munchausen by internet” is rattling tight-knit online support groups

It’s a form of factitious disorder, the mental disorder formerly known as Munchausen syndrome, in which people feign illness or actually make themselves sick for sympathy and attention.

Munchausen syndrome (Wikipedia)
Hieronymus Carl Friedrich von Münchhausen (Wikipedia)
Quite sad. At least it seems the people aren't  really hurting themselves or others physically. But I can imagine the psycholocigal damage is there nontheless.
Such forums are very personal. I think many feel betrayed in their trust to be able to open themselves freely to others who are actually in the same situation of fate. Very disturbing for any community to have to deal with emerging and growing mistrust after such a case.
Auguri! 50 sono un bel numero, tondo tondo :)
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20 è anche tondo. E 100. Molto felice di raggiungere i 50 con spirito infantile :-).
Lo spirito infantile, se ce l'hai, non ti abbandonerà mai, nemmeno a 100!! Continua così :D
Fantastico! Mi sono sempre piaciuti molto i film sui samurai..
Amazing interpretation

Friedrich Gulda - Aria sulla Quarta Corda (Bach)
by SuperGMajor7 on YouTube
 Enjoy  Music
Any excuse is good to make a Trip, maybe :-)

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It's a wonderful library, and you can see The Book of Kells.
It's a wonderful library, and you can see The Book of Kells.

Thank you ! (The Book of Kells)
Happy Birthday @Zot universe NEWS

A sort of news and novelty collector for Zot people and community

Thank you @Giacomino
The Turk



A Point of View: Chess and 18th Century artificial intelligence (2013, BBC)

An 18th Century automaton that could beat human chess opponents seemingly marked the arrival of artificial intelligence. But what turned out to be an elaborate hoax had its own sense of genius

thanks @Manuel for the hint
!The passed pawn Inn

The Turk (Wikipedia)
The Turk (Automaton) (
!Children's World

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Toys of the avant-garde
toys of the avant-garde


before I even
start talking about this
amazing exhibition catalog
I bought today,
just want to say,
that the
marionette puppet
maybe the coolest thing
have seen in a
 Art  Kids  Reshares

Workers Love AirPods Because Employers Stole Their Walls (2019,TheAtlantic)

Once upon a time, offices had walls inside them. They weren’t glass, like the conference rooms of 2019, but were made of drywall, and were usually painted a neutral color, like many of the walls you know and love. Over time, office walls gave way to cubicles. Now, for many office workers, the cubicles are also gone. There are only desks.

If you’re under 40, you might have never experienced the joy of walls at work.

In the open-plan office, wireless headphones are the new cubicles.

The impact of the ‘open’ workspace on human collaboration (2018,
Open plan (Wikipedia)
Cubicle (Wikipedia)
After years having a private office and the past 2 years in a semi-private (no door) converted closet off of the room with the rest of my team, I can't say I'm looking forward to the open design of the building that will replace this one and the interim space we will have during construction. I just find it unnerving to have my back to everyone. That is the case in my closet, but at least if I am looking at my left screen, the doorway is visible in my peripheral vision.

In our interim location and the new building, we will have a "galley kitchen" design where we will have 2 rows of tabletops desks with the people in one row sitting (or standing) back-to-back with the people in the other row. At least there are 2 of us weird standing-desk people on my team, so I won't be the only one standing on our row like a prairie dog on lookout duty.
@Haakon Meland Eriksen (Parlementum)
A few years ago, an article I co-authored was referenced in The New Yorker, in an article titled ‘The Open-Office Trap’. While our findings predominantly identified positive experiences among the participants, the article chose to focus on the small proportion of negative findings. Two days later, a Finnish business magazine retold that story from The New Yorker with the headline ‘All studies agree that open plan is a terrible idea’, even though that was far from what we had concluded.

Slightly off-topic, but this reminded me of an old John Oliver video which got quite a bit of coverage (surprisingly.)

Scientific Studies: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)


John Oliver discusses how and why media outlets so often report untrue or incomplete information as science. Connect with Last Week Tonight online... Subscri...
..has ushered in a new era of office etiquette—and created a whole new set of problems.

This was the really interesting topic for me. Always nice to better understand certain dynamics
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Universal Truth
Closing your eyes isn’t going to change anything. Nothing’s going to disappear just because you can’t see what’s going on. In fact, things will even be worse the next time you open your eyes. That’s the kind of world we live in. Keep your eyes wide open. Only a coward closes his eyes. Closing your eyes and plugging up your ears won’t make time stand still.

— Haruki Murakami, Kafka on the Shore

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Moondog - Chaconne in G major
Thanks to @alysonsee (Fca)

Moondog - Chaconne in G major


The Viking Of 6th Avenue [2005]
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My TED talk: how I took on the tech titans in their lair | Carole Cadwalladr

For more than a year, the Observer writer has been probing a darkness at the heart of Silicon Valley. Last week, at a TED talk that became a global viral sensation, she told the tech billionaires they had broken democracy. What happened next?

#facebook #TED #socialmedia #democracy
Buona Pasqua

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Easter Morning (Caspar David Friedrich)  +

Happy Easter
           Frohe Ostern
Feliz Pascua
          Feliz Páscoa
Glad påsk
          Glad påske

J.S. Bach - Cantata No.66〈Erfreut euch, ihr Herzen〉BWV 66 / Philippe Herreweghe
by protestant7 on YouTube
Buona Pasqua di resurrezione :-D.

Happy Birthday !

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Chess Player, (1916, Max Oppenheimer)

May your pieces always find their mate !

Art Blakey & the Jazz Messengers - The Chess Players
by MrWzzzW on YouTube

 Music  Chess  Art
Tanti auguri ;-)
Grazie mille :D 🎂

After Ikyushoku, I learned a new Japanese word again. :-)

Even when reading is impossible, the presence of books acquired produces such an ecstasy that the buying of more books than one can read is nothing less than the soul reaching towards infinity ... we cherish books even if unread, their mere presence exudes comfort, their ready access reassurance.
attributed to A. Edward Newton

Tsundoku (Wikipedia)

There is so much more I want to read than I have time for. And sometimes I get these book buying rushes and end with a big pile of unread books. But until now I managed somehow to read most of them at some point. It's nice that there is word for that. :-)
It's nice that there is word for that.

Indeed :-)