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Why children become bullies at school


Bullying behaviour often emerges in childhood, and the consequences for victims can last a lifetime. What makes a child become a bully?
It's been a long time since I've heard this for the last time

Jeff Wayne's Musical Version of The War of the Worlds - Full Album
by Music Streamer on YouTube
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really feel connected to this music.... found him through the soundtrack of one of the Cowboy Bebop anime movies....

Pierre Bensusan ~ Voyage for Ireland

Live In Session at The Silk Mill

Pierre Bensusan - Voyage for Ireland - Live In Session at The Silk Mill
by Alive Network Entertainment Agency on YouTube

Pierre Bensusan is a French-Algerian acoustic guitarist. As Sephardic Jews, his family came from Spain, Spanish Morocco, and French Algeria. His music has been characterized as Celtic, folk, world music, New-age, and chamber jazz. He has published three books of music and tablature. He plays in DADGAD tuning.

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Universal Truth
Closing your eyes isn’t going to change anything. Nothing’s going to disappear just because you can’t see what’s going on. In fact, things will even be worse the next time you open your eyes. That’s the kind of world we live in. Keep your eyes wide open. Only a coward closes his eyes. Closing your eyes and plugging up your ears won’t make time stand still.

— Haruki Murakami, Kafka on the Shore


«Personal autonomy is, at minimum, self-rule that is free from both controlling interference by others
and from limitations, such as inadequate understanding, that prevent meaningful choice.»
Tom L. Beauchamp e James F. Childress


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Swindle (chess)


!The passed pawn Inn

Some ask themselves, what makes chess so fascinating and beautiful in an age which is more and more determined by computers and artificial intelligence ?

It is simple.
You just have to remember real chess takes place between 2 people who are really facing each other. Chess is a whole body game. One does not believe it, but it is so. Body language and physicality are an integral part of the game.
Everything else is only a surrogate,

Swindle (chess)

In chess, a swindle is a ruse by which a player in a losing position tricks his opponent, and thereby achieves a win or draw instead of the expected loss
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The Romantic Era in Chess



The romantic era was characterized by opening gambits (sacrificing pawns or even pieces), daring attacks, and brazen sacrifices. Many elaborate and beautiful but unsound move sequences called "combinations" were played by the masters of the time. The game was played more for art than theory. A profound belief that chess merit resided in the players' genius rather than inherent in the position on the board pervaded chess practice.

Winning was secondary to winning with style, so much, in fact, that it was considered unsportsmanly to decline a gambit (the sacrifice of a pawn or piece to obtain an attack).

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Romantic chess Wikipedia)
School of chess (Wikipedia)
History of chess (Wikipedia)
Immortal Game (Wikipedia)
Chess (Wikipedia)
Selected games performed in "romantiv style" (chessgames.com)

Toquinho - Aquarela
by ChicoViniciusVEVO on YouTube

bella anche la versione italiana

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A History of Chess (book)


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A History of Chess (book, archive.org)  (pdf (68Mb))

Murray's 900-page book constitutes the Bible of chess historians. With his knowledge of numerous languages including Latin and Arabic, and his devotion to chess world-wide, H. J. R. Murray was one of those late Victorian giants whose intimidating figure seems to have inhibited further research for the next two generations.

A History of Chess (book, Wikipedia)
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Bellissima canzone!
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La era de la explotación adolescente
El capitalismo de plataforma anima a los jóvenes a venderse como marcas. Lo llama empoderamiento

La era de la explotación adolescente


Tiene que ser coña, fue nuestra primera reacción. No puede ser verdad. Parece como si viniera de una cuenta de memes surrealista, pero no, existía de verdad: Teen Boss, la jovial revista empresarial para chicas, que, hasta su último número publicado en diciembre de 2018, proporcionaba todo lo que una preadolescente influencer podría necesitar saber para: “¡CREA TU PROPIO CANAL DE YOUTUBE!”; “¡GANA DINERO RÁPIDO!”; “¡PROMOCIONA TU MARCA SIENDO TÚ MISMA!”.

¿Qué engendro corporativo infernal era el responsable de esto? Pues, en realidad, era la compañía internacional Bauer Media Group, es decir, los creadores de J-14, un tabloide para niños sobre celebridades que se fundó en 1998 y, sorprendentemente, sigue publicándose. Teen Boss era una mutación del género, un tabloide de adolescentes sobre famoseo para una cultura sádica que se rige por la aspiración de hacerse famoso, en una era en la que los códigos sociales que antes solo eran aplicables a los famosos ahora resultan válidos para todos nosotros. Reinterpretaba el estilo propagandístico de Silicon Valley en un soporte mediático antiguo y prometía que ahora tú también podías llegar a ser famosa.
One of only seven to win all three grand tours. #chapeau

This is for me one of the most interesting projects of recent years that combines the art of engineering, simplicity and environment

The Ice Stupas (2019, TheNewYorker)

Sonam Wangchuk lives and works in the Ladakh region of India, high in the Himalayas. This harsh mountain area is experiencing acute water shortages due to climate change. Sonam, who is an engineer and educator, found a simple but ingenious way to store water using artificial glaciers that will irrigate trees and crops.

Sonam Wangchuk, Rolex Awards Laureate, 2016
by Rolex Awards for Enterprise on YouTube

Ice Stupa Glaciers - Receding Himalayan Woes
by Sonam Wangchuk on YouTube

The Ice Stupa Project
Ice Stupa (Wikipedia)
Sonam Wangchuk (Wikipedia)
Students’ Educational and Cultural Movement of Ladakh (SECMOL)

Not heard for a long time

Mason Williams - Classical Gas - ORIGINAL STEREO VERSION
by You Can't Download Vinyl on YouTube
I used to love listening to my parent's 45 of this as a kid. I haven't heard it in so many years, except by playing it in my head by memory.


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Beginning Cheese Making

Welcome to Cheese Making, formerly “Fankhauser’s Cheese Page.” Yes, my site is transitioning–I appreciate your patience.
The Best Probiotics (2019)


The Best Probiotics (2019, TheAtlantic)

An apple contains about 100 million bacteria—a more diverse range than any dietary supplement.

Eat a “balanced” diet, full of fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds, et cetera. If you do all that, except for specific cases, the average person shouldn’t need supplemental microbes.

see also:
A better way to wash pesticides off apples (2017)

An Apple a Day: Which Bacteria Do We Eat With Organic and Conventional Apples?
(Front. Microbiol., 24 July 2019 |
Pro o pre??
Io pensavo che la mela era prebiotic...
Si, infatti, tutte e due, prebiotico e probiotico
Questo articolo mette in luce, a titolo d'esempio, l'aspetto probiotico e meno conosciuto della mela.
Trovo interessante parlare della microbiologia "benefica" degli alimenti, un argomento spesso trascurato e dato solo importanza se si parla dei cibi fermentati.

Molto curioso e nuovo per me è stato sentire parlare della microbiologia del torsolo della mela.
Proverò a fare qualche morso più coraggioso nella mela in futuro. :-)
Molto interessante e, come lei dice bene, un argomento molto trascurato.. Grazie!