Thermoelectric effect

Thermoelectric Stoves: Ditch the Solar Panels? (2020,

Wood stoves equipped with thermoelectric generators can produce electricity that is more sustainable, more reliable, and less costly than power from solar PV panels.

One of the interesting applications:

BioLite Mission | Everyone Plays a Part

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Forged and Filed
by Jesse Beecher on Vimeo

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Wow, I really have high respect for this kind of manual workmanship.
I too !
All about Kefir

For me one of the best Internet sources about Kefir. Very detailed.

About Kefir Grains and Kefir; their history, use, extended use, and health benefits  

Dom's About Kefir Grains and Kefir

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In short, one less to evangelize :-)
The spit is what counts

!Camellia Sinensis Moment

Sognare un po una buona tazza di tè

Tea in the Land of Thunder: Field Notes from Darjeeling
by Arbor Teas on YouTube

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