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Two of them you already now, the third is a new entry! (At least for me)

The Life and Chess of Rudolf Charousek, Mir Sultan Khan, and Rashid Nezhmetdinov


In this lecture, given at Center64 ( on June 24, 2015, Lucas Anderson presents the biographies of three highly requested players.  These players exhibiited tremendous potential but eac

In the last round of the great 1896 Nürnberg tournament, World Champion Emanuel Lasker was beaten by an almost totally unknown player: 23 year old Hungarian Rudolf Rezső Charousek. This was the stunning start to one of the shortest, and most brilliant, careers in all chess history.

Charousek proceeded to beat every single strong master of his era and to finish first or second in every tournament he played after Nürnberg. Mikhail Chigorin gave him the appropriate nickname "The New Morphy."

Like a comet, Charousek flared across the chess firmament, shone with an incandescent brilliance, and was gone.
Who was Rudolf Charousek?


Today in 1900, Rudolf Charousek, the Czech-Hungarian master, died at the age of 26. Charousek learnt to play chess when he was 16 but in the course of his short career managed to beat a number of strong players — among them World Champion Emanuel Lasker. The writer Gustav Meyrink immortalised Charousek in his novel "The Golem", one of the classics of fantastic literature.

Charousek:  The First Hungarian Superstar The entire chess world wept at his untimely passing on April 18, 1900.  Just 26 years old. 10 years after first learning how to move the pieces. Rudolf Cha…

Charousek: The First Hungarian Superstar


Rudolf Charousek: Part II Soon afterwards, a big international tournament was held in Budapest. Both Charousek and Tchigorin tied for first in a strong field, ahead of both Pillsbury and Schlechter…
Rudolf Charousek: The First Hungarian Superstar
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I hope in some little interesting story of Sultan Khan here on Hubzilla from you ! :-)
I would like to know more about him
I hope I have the time to read them in less than a year ;)
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One of his greats

Carlsen finishes in style to win May Titled Arena

Closer than it looked.

Magnus was in trouble! You have to believe me! He really was!

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Lichess v2 is here

Same Lichess, just better

Welcome to the new Lichess! We have been working extra hard in the past few months, and we are quite proud of the result. We hope you will love it as much as we do.

Changes are mostly cosmetic, and all your beloved features are still here. All your data is still here. Lichess is still 100% free, without ads or tracking. We made lichess work on mobile browsers, and we added a few features in the process!



A Point of View: Chess and 18th Century artificial intelligence (2013, BBC)

An 18th Century automaton that could beat human chess opponents seemingly marked the arrival of artificial intelligence. But what turned out to be an elaborate hoax had its own sense of genius

thanks @Manuel for the hint
!The passed pawn Inn

The Turk (Wikipedia)
The Turk (Automaton) (

!The passed pawn InnThe history of the top chess players over time


Note: The y-axis is a rating of how well chess players compete against each other.  This rating varies over time, from EDO to CMR to ELO, because different data sources cover different periods of time.

 New Castle (Map) 
La ginnastica della mente


Dal 27 aprile alle 14.30 | Le vite di quattro grandi scacchisti sovietici.

@Alimentazione e quello che sta intorno
Grazie mille!
Finito a sentire tutte le due tramissioni. Più sento di Spassky, più mi diventa simpatico. Molto interessante era sentire della sua infanzia non proprio semplice.

New book, New discover
The book:

The character:

Mir Sultan Khan - Wikipedia


This article is about the Indian chess player. For other uses, see Sultan Khan (disambiguation). Malik Mir Sultan Khan (1905 – 25 April 1966) was the strongest chess master of his time from Asia. A servant from British India, he travelled with Colonel Nawab Sir Umar Hayat Khan (Sir Umar), his master, to Britain, where he took the chess world by s...
Il gioco degli dèi, Paolo Maurensig. Giulio Einaudi Editore - Supercoralli


Il gioco degli dèi. «Non ero io a inventare o a progettare, mi limitavo ad aspettare che il genio preposto al gioco mi desse il suggerimento giusto. Essere supportati dagli dèi non è poi quella gran cosa che tutti credono».
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New discover for me, thank you 1

When Sultan Khan first travelled to Europe his English was so rudimentary that he needed an interpreter. Unable to read or write, he never studied any books on the game, and he was put into the hands of trainers who were also his rivals in play. He never mastered openings which, by nature empirical, cannot be learned by the application of common sense alone. Under these adverse circumstances, and having known international chess for a mere seven years, only half of which was spent in Europe, Sultan Khan nevertheless had few peers in the middlegame, was among the world's best two or three endgame players, and one of the world's best ten players. This achievement brought admiration from Capablanca who called him a genius, an accolade he rarely bestowed.

Titled Arena Returns

The Titled Arena saga continues May 4th, this time with 100% less 960.

A long time ago, on a chess server far far away...

After two very successful 960 events, it is finally time to play some proper chess. Position 518, where the starting piece positions actually make sense. The latest editions have been won convincingly by the Doctor. Will he be victorious yet again, or is time for a new king to rise and take the throne? Winter is coming.
I lost who and where commented this "En passant" which is genius! So I'll tag the pic with it. All credits to the author!

Lichess v2 is coming

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I had no clue how to use colours, and so Lichess is grey. I couldn't draw images, so Lichess is just text and plain boxes. I didn't know how to make a pretty website, so Lichess is minimalistic and functional.

Hanging Pawns - Invidious


Login to subscribe to Hanging Pawns Mad After a Mad Caro-Kann | Road to GM, Game 54 Scandinavian Defense | Ideas, Principles and Common Variations Attacking the Uncastled King | Chess Middlegames Exchange Variation of the Alekhine Defense How to Improve at Tactics | Chess Middlegames Suspicious Opening, Complex Middlegame, Baaad Endgame… Balogh V...
I like it, thank you ! This is a very good refresher
But, where is the time to take a look at it all.  :-)
I really don't know... When we are young we really don't understand our underestimate the free time we have in our hands. When we grow up we realize it and mourn its loss

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Introducing Lichess Curator.

The Pawn Bug Finally Fixed

We finally did it!

After an overwhelming amount of feedback we have finally been able to fix the pawn bug that has been plaguing both online and over the board chess for hundreds of years. Until now the bug has been shamelessly exploited in about 3% of all games played on Lichess.

The lead developers have been working night and day trying to find a solution. Only recently they discovered a new type of technology that allowed us to motion track realistic pawn movements.

Masters - One and All

Chess960 Titled Arena Mar '19 Recap

The most recent edition of the Chess960 Titled Arena showed that the title you have isn't all-defining, with some great showings by non-GM masters! Here's a fun tactic from the warm-up event to whet the appetite (white to play, see if you can spot it - and a bonus challenge, would you play it after only 8 seconds?)

Lichess Meetup Announcements

Double Trouble - London and Montréal

Lichess is organising two community meetups! The first will be in London on Saturday 6th April from 18:00 to 22:30 UTC at The Hillgate pub and feature a blitz tournament; and the second will be in Montréal at the end of June (~28th or 29th with the exact details to be confirmed)!
Opinion | This 8-Year-Old Chess Champion Will Make You Smile


Overcoming life’s basic truth: Talent is universal, but opportunity is not.

Check out his game here

8-year-old Homeless Refugee Tani Wins New York State Championship


Check out the full article here  Follow me on Instagram for extra content  Milo Kong vs Tanitoluwa Adewumi  NYS SCHOLAST

Chess960 Titled Arena Returns

Chess960 Returns!

Given how well received the previous Chess960 Titled Arena was, we're bringing it back for round 2. As with last time, the control will be 2 minutes + 1 second increment to give everyone a chance to get used to the unfamiliar positions. The tournament duration will also be 3 hours, and thanks to the donation of last month's first place prize we have a bumped prize pool of $1500!

This event will also be preceded by a Chess960 Warm-up Arena, open to all players with a minimum of 10 rated Chess960 games.
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Knight's tour
Knight's tour animation (SVG file)

!The passed pawn Inn
 Chess  Art
This is about how to touch only one time in a single tour with your knight every field of the chessboard