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!The passed pawn Inn

Minh Le wins Titled Arena 7

Previous winner Carlsen finishes 3rd

Vietnamese IM Minh Le (mutdpro) defeated a very strong field of 226 players to win the Lichess Titled Arena 7. Le opened up a lead of 10 points by the end of the tourney but the fighting for the final spots was fierce up until the final moments. Finishing second was Armenian GM Zaven Andriasian (Zaven_ChessMood) who had a very strong showing in his first Titled Arena. Finishing third was former Titled Arena Champion and current World Champion GM Magnus Carlsen, (ManWithAVan) who was running late and played the tournament from his phone .

Titled Arena 7

The 7th Lichess Titled Arena!

It's been a month since GM damnsaltythatsport (Magnus Carlsen) reclaimed the most important throne by winning the sixth Titled Arena, and now it's time for the next one! Since Magnus donated his prize back, the winner takes home $1000 this time! At fashionably late notice, the next Titled Arena will take place Friday, September 7th.
Ah tu dici che Caruana non ha possibilità? Io mi stavo un po' ricredendo, visti i risultati dei recenti tornei. Comunque vederemo :)

Vedere lo streaming di qualche commentatore, come ad es ChessNetwork, è impressionante, perché vedi come i GM capiscano al volo cose che io ci metto una settimana a intuire! =)
ah dimenticavo, Carlsen ha partecipato, solo che cambia account ogni volta...
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Aggiungo che Carlsen (che sembra aver partecipato da un'auto o qualcosa del genere, secondo le leggende che circolano e quindi da un mobile/tablet, con i conseguenti problemi per un torneo bulle) è arrivato terzo!


7-piece Syzygy tablebases are complete

Use the world's first free 7-piece tablebase on Lichess!

Congratulations to Bojun Guo (aka noobpwnftw) and Ronald de Man (aka syzygy) for completing the first free 7-piece tablebase and generously sharing it with the world! Lichess now provides online access on the analysis board and in studies, practice against tablebases, a public API and a mirror for downloading the full tablebase files.

Crazyhouse World Championship Candidates

Meet the Crazyhouse Candidates

(Authors: okeizh and LegionDestroyer; editor: FischyVishy)

2018 marks the second iteration of the Crazyhouse World Championship (CWC) organized by chess variants pioneer FischyVishy on https://lichess.org. The inaugural championship in 2017 saw 8 Candidates qualify for a Candidates Tournament (results displayed courtesy of crosky).

Carlsen restores order in Lichess Titled Arena 6

Carlsen dominates

GM Magnus Carlsen ("damnsaltythatsport") won his 5th Lichess Arena title by a comfortable 20-point margin. He gained revenge for a disappointing showing in the previous edition. Finishing second was GM Daniel Naroditsky ("RebeccaHarris"). Third was GM Oleksandr Bortnyk ("Night-King96"). Fourth was IM Vincent Rothuis, who is the only non-GM to consistently compete for a prize in these events. Fifth place, and the final prize, was won by a single point. GM Ashkat Chandra just barely edged out GM Andrew Tang who took his turn having a bad tournament after spectacularly conquering the field last time.

Lichess Montréal Meetup 2018 Report

The Lichess community meets IRL.

Yesterday the Lichess team hosted a public meetup in Montreal. It took place at the scenic Mount Royal Park. These events have been getting steadily more popular and this was the biggest one yet. Many thanks to everyone who participated!
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 New Castle (Map) 
it seems that Magnus Carlsen, the current World Chess Champion, is joining the Lichess titled arena #6!
Lichess Titled Arena 6: Standard 1+0 rated #3ImmfhBr
3 players compete in the Aug 4, 2018 Lichess Titled Arena 6. 1+0 rated games are played during 120 minutes. Winner is not yet decided.

Carlsen's account is https://lichess.org/@/DrDrunkenstein

Have fun!
@Alimentazione e quello che sta intorno already around the world for summer holidays? ;)
Ciao !
Sono rientrato l'altro ieri. Finite tutte le vacanze d'estate, passate un po in Italia, un po all'estero.
Si torna a lavorare !!

Prossimamente ti va un'alta partita?
Mais avec plaisir! Bentornato!

Titled Arena 6!

The Lichess Titled Arena returns for the 6th time!

In May, GM Andrew Tang won the Lichess Titled Arena 5 tournament, and took home the 1st prize of $3,000. In total, 232 titled participants competed for a prize pool of $3,600. It was the first Titled Arena won by a player other than Magnus Carlsen. Watch the 5th Titled Arena with commentary by IM Christof Sielecki (ChessExplained) here.

After a short Spring Break, we are now announcing the Lichess Titled Arena 6, which will take place on Saturday, August 4th.

Horde Deathmatch: svenos vs. StubenFisch

A Legendary Horde Match

This Friday, July 13, a Horde match will take place at 18:00 UTC. The match will be contested between svenos, a French FM who has been rated as high as 2826 in Horde, and StubenFisch, a young chess player who is one of Horde’s most active (and perennial top 3!) players and probably the “face” of Horde. The match format will be as follows:

2x 15+10 4x 10+0 6x 5+0 10x 3+0 15x 1+2 5x 1+0

Lichess Meetup: Montreal, July 28th

A Community Event

Do you want to hang out with other Lichess community members? Meet the Lichess team and convince them to implement bughouse? Find your way to Montreal on the Afternoon of Saturday, July 28th. Bring a chess set and clock or just hang out with food and drinks available. The exact time and location to be announced soon but it will likely be a cafe in Mile End.
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A Play In A Chess (2002)Immagine#art by Georgy #Kurasov http://www.kurasov.com/

!The passed pawn Inn

I just discovered this open source app on F-droid that might be easy to adapt to complement the Hubzilla Chess addon.

AlaskaLinuxUser / app_JustChess
JustChess - a chess playing app featuring the JustChessEngine. https://thealaskalinuxuser.com


@The passed pawn Inn+
@Hubzilla Chess+
It's so cool to see this OpenWebAuth in action on something other than the Hubzilla webpages in a browser! I can log in to my channel's primary hub with username/password, then use the /rmagic endpoint of a remote hub to seamlessly authenticate to that remote hub and subsequently access private content (in this case a chess game history where I'm the player whose channel lives on an independent hub).

@Mike Macgirvin the response to a successful remote authentication via /rmagic is HTML text whether the auth succeeds or fails, and a session cookie is obtained in either case too. Is there a way to get a JSON response with a true/false message of some kind? I actually did this already in the chess addon, where I created a chess/login endpoint for the local channel so that I could return a JSON success status. To do this I duplicated and simplified the include/auth.php code. This is obviously not ideal and I'm probably missing an existing endpoint.

// API: /chess/login // Authenticate to hub case 'login': require_once('include/auth.php'); $verify = account_verify_password($_POST['username'], $_POST['password']); if ($verify && $verify['account']) { $channel = $verify['channel']; $account = App::$account = $verify['account']; $_SESSION['account_id'] = App::$account['account_id']; $_SESSION['remember_me'] = 1; App::$session->new_cookie(31449600); // one year $_SESSION['last_login_date'] = datetime_convert(); authenticate_success($account, $channel); json_return_and_die(array('status' => true)); } else { json_return_and_die(array('errormsg' => 'Authentication failed', 'status' => false)); }
I don't know exactly what you're trying to do so I don't have a good answer. If I was in that situation I would try to re-use the existing login code, because include/auth.php already processed the login and there's no need to do it twice. Basically if $_POST['auth-params'] === 'login' , somebody tried to login (this is handled by the system long before calling your module); and if local_channel() is false, they failed.
You're right. I should be able to just check if local_channel() returns true in the chess/login endpoint function and return that boolean in the JSON format the Android app needs. I don't know what I was thinking.

I will still encounter a similar situation when using /rmagic or /magic for remote auth, because the app will receive a response body in HTML format and a header including a session ID regardless of the success or failure of the authentication attempt. Perhaps I could add a check for a request header specifying return content type JSON to the /magic class?
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Francesc Capdevila Max: Trampantojo

!The passed pawn Inn
!The passed pawn Inn
Whish me good luck. Going to a small OTB tournament tonight, AKA "morituri te salutant"
yes, like most of us :)
In c*** alla balena! 😁👍
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troppo tardi! :P Too late, already lost all the 3 games ^^ But the first player is a Candidate Master, the second a 1800 player... so I have good excuses. The third game has been a nice game, I made my usual blunder leaving a rook unguarded.
It was fun, anyways.
Next Thursday next fight (3 more games).

EP.76 - Andrzej Krzywda (Adult Improver Series) - Perpetual Chess Podcast - Omny.fm


This week on Perpetual Chess, by popular demand, we begin an occasional series which will be called "Adult Improvers".  For Adult Improvers we will feature a guest who is making significant strides in improving his or her chess performance, and focus extensively on how that improvement is being attained. The first such guest is Polish Candidate Master Andrzej Kryzdwa.  Andrzej had been hovering around 2100 FIDE for over 20 years when he decided to devote a significant amount of his time to pursuing the International Master title.  Andrzej is 38 years old, runs a small business, and is married with two children, so the time that he can devote to this pursuit is limited. Nonetheless, in the past couple of years, Andrzej has shown great success, culminating in a recent tournament with a 2579 Performance Rating, his first IM Norm (!), and a FIDE rating now well north of 2200. How did he do it? We discuss the following details of Andrzej's inspiring story: 
How does Andrzej find the time to study? What is his routine?
What, specifically does he study?
What "clicked" in the tournament where he earned an IM Norm?  Did he feel like a stronger player at the time of that achievement?
What is next for Andrzej?
What resources does he recommend for other adult improvers?
Thanks so much to Andrzej for joining me, you can follow his journey and contact him on his facebook page, "From 2100 to International Master,"  here. To support the podcast go here. 

!The passed pawn Inn
Devo ancora ascoltarlo tutto... cosa ti ha stupito?
Neanch'io l'ho finito di ascoltare, ma mi ha stupito le capacità di organizzazione e la tenacia. Non ha sacrificato uno o più aspetti della sua vita, ha avuto la capacitalà di ritagliarsi degli spazi ottenendo ottimi risultati. E mi sono accorto che questo non vale solo per gli scacchi ma per tutto: una buona organizzazione è fondamentale.