Hungry Hungry Magnus Wins Another Chicken Dinner

New month, new Titled Arena, same Magnus Carlsen.

Magnus Carlsen has started the new year strong, winning every single tournament he has entered thus far. This version of the prestigious titled arena, more commonly known as the bullet World Championship, was no exception. The number one got off to a flying start winning nine out of his first ten games, before disappearing mysteriously. The internet searched everywhere without any results. For ten whole minutes the world stood still. Was this how the world was gonna end?

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I bought this (was really hard to find at a decent price, I have to say)

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Wow !

Thanks to the channel Xadrez Brasil I discovered this amazing player:
Henrique Mecking - Wikipedia


Henrique Costa Mecking (born 23 January 1952), also known as Mequinho, is a Brazilian chess grandmaster who reached his zenith in the 1970s and is still one of the strongest players in Brazil. He was a chess prodigy,[2] drawing comparisons to Bobby Fischer, although he did not achieve the International Grandmaster title until 1972. He won the Inter...

Here's one of his games:

I definite want to discover more about him!

!!Hubzilla Chess !!The passed pawn Inn
Do you understand some Portuguese? If you do check the videos on the xadrez Brasil channel!
Portugese è una lingua difficile da imparare. Beato te !
No, non è così lontano dall'italiano. Poi a me piace e mi appassiona...

New Month, New Titled Arena

Our 11th Titled Arena takes place on the 9th of February, 19:00 UTC.

Just as one of the strongest classical tournaments, Tata Steel Chess, settles, we announce another edition of the world's strongest Bullet tournament. Last month’s Titled Arena broke a new record both in number of participants and number of online players (42,291). Let's break it again!

As usual, the tournament will be preceded by a Warm-up Arena, open to all players with a minimum of 20 rated bullet games.

!The passed pawn Inn  !Children's World

The local elementary school, named after Emanuel Lasker, is the only public school in Germany which teaches chess as part of the curriculum, and it had done so since 1823; just as the Ströbeck secondary school, which was closed in 2004, due to too few pupils.

Schachdorf Ströbeck (2015, batgirl in

Schachdorf Ströbeck (Wikipedia)
Schachdorf Ströbeck
Lebendschach (Wikipedia)
Human chess (Wikipedia)
Thanks for sharing this! <3

Too Strong, Too Fast: Carlsen Rides Again in the Lichess Titled Arena

Too Strong, Too Fast: Magnus wins his Seventh Titled Arena

In stark contrast to last December's photo finish, Magnus Carlsen (DrNykterstein) cruised to victory in the January Lichess Titled Arena. The World Champion finished 56 points ahead of a field of over forty Grandmasters, seventy International Masters, and a server that only through the valiant efforts of Lichess's volunteer staff survived a record 42,291 online players. In second place was the Ukranian Grandmaster Oleksandr Bortnyk (Night-King96), and in third one of Magnus's trickiest rivals in previous arenas, the wily anonymous International Master lodewijkfrederik. To give a sense of Carlsen's dominance, after his "customary" first round loss he dropped only three out of his next 58 games (minus one from technical difficulties), and at one point managed to put together a mind boggling 22 game win streak against the best online bullet players in the world.

GM Adam Tukhaev vs LeelaChess

GM Tukhaev vs Leela

Inspired by GM Daniel Naroditsky, we bring you GM Adam Tukhaev from Ukraine who wants to take on Leela Chess Zero.

When: Jan 6th 19:00 UTC What: 3+2 with a mix of bullet at 1+1 and 1+0.

New Year, New Titled Arena

Our 10th Titled Arena takes place on the 5th of January, 19:00 UTC.

Just before the Tata Steel Chess tournament, start the year with some high quality bullet and come enjoy the 10th Titled Arena on Lichess.

As usual, the tournament will be preceded by a Warm-up Arena, open to all players on Lichess (with a minimum of 20 rated bullet games).

Lichess End of Year Update 2018

Onward and upward!

It’s been a huge year for Lichess, with a record number of events and a massive increase in users. In fact, there has been so much growth that we finally had to add an extra front-end server to cope! Lichess is not just growing in numbers, though – the hard work of our developers has brought about many new features and technical improvements. We’ve also expanded into new areas, including some forays into journalism and a string of special events. Please join us in celebrating the achievements of the year and looking forward to what the next one will bring!

GM Daniel Naroditsky takes on Leela Chess Zero

GM DanielNaroditsky vs LeelaChess

GM Daniel Naroditsky (@DanielNaroditsky) will be going head to head with Leela Chess Zero (@LeelaChess) on Sunday December 23 12:00 AM UTC. You can find the stream and countdown here.

Duration: ~2 hours

Carlsen ekes out another Topsy Turvy Titled Arena Victory

Carlsen narrowly wins his seventh Titled Arena

Lest anyone suppose that all things come easily to the once wunderkind, now wundermensch of chess, Magnus Carlsen, the latest Lichess Titled Arena demonstrated just how intense competition has become in the rough and tumble world of online bullet chess. In the end, the World Champion prevailed for the seventh time, surpassing his main rival penguingim1 (GM Andrew Tang) by the narrowest of margins.   In addition to the dramatic finish, Carlsen made some memorable contributions to bullet opening theory along the way:

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!The passed pawn Inn
Nice channel, and a great opportunity to practice my (poor) portuguese!
Xadrez Brasil


Fala galerinha do xadrez! Procuro mostrar partidas incríveis e fazer as análises mesclando técnica com entretenimento, mostrando as partidas de uma forma mai...

Deathmatch: Leela vs. Stockfish

The REAL World Championship

Shortly before the lowly humans play in Titled Arena 9, Lichess will host a match between 2 stronger competitors. Leela Chess Zero and Stockfish 10 will play 6 games of 5+2 chess with Commentary by Lichess favorite ChessNetwork starting Sat, 15th Dec at 17:00 UTC.

The Lichess Titled Arena is back Saturday 15th of December

The 9th Lichess Titled Arena!

After taking a break during the World Championship (congratulations to Magnus and Fabiano for a very tense match), the Lichess Titled Arena resumes normal scheduling on the 15th of December, at 19:00 UTC. Will Magnus Carlsen try to claim back the arguably more important accolade of Titled Arena Champion?

This event will also celebrate the 1 year anniversary of these Titled Arenas! The team welcomes any birthday cakes sent to Lichess HQ.

Carlsen Retains World Title After Tiebreak Massacre

Caruana defeated 0-3 in Rapid Playoffs

Tickets for the final day of the World Championship match, the rapid tiebreakers, had only been on sale for 36 hours when the VIP tickets, priced at 600 pounds, were declared sold out. (General admission was a bargain at only 120 pounds.)

Lichess London Meetup Recap

Blitz tournament, limited edition hoodies, famous streamers

Last Saturday, Lichess held a Meetup in London, in a pub near the World Championship Venue. People turned up en masse, from beginners to seasoned players, making the evening a huge success, as demonstrated by this heartwarming reddit post. Thanks to all the players that took part in our blitz tournament, and congratulations to the top 3 finishers: Robbie Cahar, Anil Cengiz and Eric Rosen, who all got a limited edition London Meetup hoodie.

While the team didn't have time to work on Lichess features for this Meetup, we still had time to take some pictures, enjoy our selection below.

!!The passed pawn Inn

Enjoy Peter Svidler recap on game 11:

Svidler's Carlsen-Caruana Game 11 Analysis - 2018 FIDE World Chess Championship
by chess24 on YouTube

Carlsen vs Caruana
You can follow the game online on
- lichess:
- lichess live commentary from ChessNetwork :
- chess24:

If this game will end in another draw, then rapid and blitz will decide the match.
Have fun!
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@Alimentazione e quello che sta intorno incredible DRAW!!! I still cannot believe it
Indeed, with Carlson's position ad the end of the game, he could cook Caruana slowly over a low heat. Draw is surprising in that position.

It is fair to say that both have not hidden. Sharp opening and exciting middlegame. Exchange of blows with open visor. High rish on both sides and an evolving middlegame with advantage for Carlson.
I don't think Carlson was in the mood for a tough siege fight over five and more hours against a defensive artist like Caruana

He feels very safe for Wednesday. He can too. But surprises are not excluded.
Agree. Hope he's not been too confident on his chances in rapid/blitz...

Cautious Carlsen Sends World Championship Match to Tiebreakers

Carlsen and Caruana finish 6-6 after 12 classical games completed

It is not often that the chess world unites to criticise Magnus Carlsen, but on Monday evening in London the World Champion had few supporters after his decision to squander a highly favourable position and offer a draw to his challenger Fabiano Caruana as soon as legally permissible in the final classical game of the world title match in London.
@Alimentazione e quello che sta intorno allora ti aspetto da me. Porta le patatine, io prendo la birra ;)
Magari l'anno prossimo :-)

Sarà molto interessante domani. C'è chi dice che Dr. Drunkenstein Caruana lo asfalta 4:0, qualcun altro è meno sicuro.
Faccio parte di quest'ultimi.
Bravo Caruana ! Non ho mai fatto il tifo per lui, ma devo ammettere, cosi come ha giocato contro Carlson e come si è comportato meriterebbe arrivare al suo sogno. Si riesce a batterlo in queste partite che sulla carta non sono proprio il suo terreno, allora diventa un mito.  Abatterebbe un gigante.
Da non trascurare, la sua vittoria darebbe una bella boccata d'ossigeno al mondo scacchistico italiano.

!The passed pawn Inn

I felt that it was very close to mate. The problem is if I don’t mate I’m losing,” Carlsen says. “So I was trying to find some middle ground and my time was running out. I don’t know. I was just so nervous, I couldn’t make it happen. It ended up just being nothing.”

 Chess  Enjoy