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Some ask themselves, what makes chess so fascinating and beautiful in an age which is more and more determined by computers and artificial intelligence ?

It is simple.
You just have to remember real chess takes place between 2 people who are really facing each other. Chess is a whole body game. One does not believe it, but it is so. Body language and physicality are an integral part of the game.
Everything else is only a surrogate,

Swindle (chess)

In chess, a swindle is a ruse by which a player in a losing position tricks his opponent, and thereby achieves a win or draw instead of the expected loss
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The romantic era was characterized by opening gambits (sacrificing pawns or even pieces), daring attacks, and brazen sacrifices. Many elaborate and beautiful but unsound move sequences called "combinations" were played by the masters of the time. The game was played more for art than theory. A profound belief that chess merit resided in the players' genius rather than inherent in the position on the board pervaded chess practice.

Winning was secondary to winning with style, so much, in fact, that it was considered unsportsmanly to decline a gambit (the sacrifice of a pawn or piece to obtain an attack).

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Romantic chess Wikipedia)
School of chess (Wikipedia)
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Selected games performed in "romantiv style" (


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A History of Chess (book,  (pdf (68Mb))

Murray's 900-page book constitutes the Bible of chess historians. With his knowledge of numerous languages including Latin and Arabic, and his devotion to chess world-wide, H. J. R. Murray was one of those late Victorian giants whose intimidating figure seems to have inhibited further research for the next two generations.

A History of Chess (book, Wikipedia)
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A Point of View: Chess and 18th Century artificial intelligence (2013, BBC)

An 18th Century automaton that could beat human chess opponents seemingly marked the arrival of artificial intelligence. But what turned out to be an elaborate hoax had its own sense of genius

thanks @Manuel for the hint
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The Turk (Wikipedia)
The Turk (Automaton) (
Frolicsome Engines: The Long Prehistory of Artificial Intelligence (

Defecating ducks, talking busts, and mechanised Christs — Jessica Riskin on the wonderful history of automata, machines built to mimic the processes of intelligent life.
I lost who and where commented this "En passant" which is genius! So I'll tag the pic with it. All credits to the author!
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Knight's tour
Knight's tour animation (SVG file)

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This is about how to touch only one time in a single tour with your knight every field of the chessboard
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@h.ear.t | tobias
Remarkable performance.. particular.
Not really my genre, but particular.

Yes, for me, too, there is an evident allusion to Duchamp.

OT: Impressive the sound system

Interesting how creativity works...
Cold War Games and Postwar Art (2006,

During the Cold War both “superpowers” used games, particularly chess, in order to construct an ideology of complete conflict and irreconcilable division between East and West. This essay focuses on the broad cultural challenge to divisive Cold War zero-sum mentality issued by a number of artists—André Breton, Marcel Duchamp and Öyvind Fahlström, and Fluxus artists George Maciunas, George Brecht, Robert Watts, Takako Saito and Yoko Ono. These artists, in a second wave of game-focused art, returned to the concerns of surrealist art practice and to earlier cultural game theory. Even conceptual art production was impacted by the predetermined structure of games. As the global conflict dragged on into the 1980s, Deleuze and Guattari also touched upon chess in developing “nomad thought.”

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The local elementary school, named after Emanuel Lasker, is the only public school in Germany which teaches chess as part of the curriculum, and it had done so since 1823; just as the Ströbeck secondary school, which was closed in 2004, due to too few pupils.

Schachdorf Ströbeck (2015, batgirl in

Schachdorf Ströbeck (Wikipedia)
Schachdorf Ströbeck
Lebendschach (Wikipedia)
Human chess (Wikipedia)
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I felt that it was very close to mate. The problem is if I don’t mate I’m losing,” Carlsen says. “So I was trying to find some middle ground and my time was running out. I don’t know. I was just so nervous, I couldn’t make it happen. It ended up just being nothing.”

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 World CHess Championship

Starts: Friday November 09, 2018 @ 4:00 PM
Finishes: Thursday November 29, 2018 @ 12:59 AM
2018 World Chess Championship

GM Magnus Carlsen - GM Fabiano Caruana
Location: The College, Southampton Row, Holborn, London, UK
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It must be a nice film, not only for kits.
I've never seen the movie entirely

It is based on the life of prodigy chess player Joshua Waitzkin, played by Pomeranc, and adapted from the book of the same name by Joshua's father Fred.

Searching For Bobby Fischer - final game
by Madhur Behl on YouTube

Joshua Waitzkin

Searching for Bobby Fischer (Film)
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What app?
oh ok, thanks.

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When he was ten, Keymer was on the September 2015 cover of the German chess magazine, Schach Magazin, being hailed as Germany’s greatest talent since Emanuel Lasker.[1]

Vincent Keymer wins GRENKE Chess Open 2018!


Chess Talent: Vincent meets Garry (2015,
Vincent Keymer (
Vincent Keymer (Wikipedia)
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chess must be a boring game, those champions already know all the moves. There's no strategy, it's more like a computer program or a "choose your own adventure" book. They can also play without the board or game pieces, just by saying the moves out loud. lol :)

@Waitman Gobble

There's no strategy, it's more like a computer program or a "choose your own adventure" book.

Look at the live of this man
He has choosen his own adventure, a great adventure: Sultan Khan (

Malik Mir Sultan Khan (Wikipedia)
Fascinating character and story! It's always exciting to discover such things :)

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The Lewis chessmen (Norwegian: Lewisbrikkene; Scottish Gaelic: Fir-Tàilisg; Scots: Lewis chesmen) or Uig chessmen, named after the bay where they were found,[1] are a group of distinctive 12th-century chess pieces, along with other gaming pieces, most of which are carved from walrus ivory. Discovered in 1831 on Lewis in the Outer Hebrides, Scotland,[2] they may constitute some of the few complete, surviving medieval chess sets, although it is not clear if a set as originally made can be assembled from the pieces. When found, the hoard contained 93 artifacts: 78 chess pieces, 14 tablemen and one belt buckle. Today, 82 pieces are owned and usually exhibited by the British Museum in London, and the remaining 11 are at the National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh.

Lewis chessmen (Wikipedia)
Charles Roth MPCCharles Roth MPC wrote the following post Mon, 03 Jun 2019 22:39:40 +0200
Lewis chessmen piece bought for £5 in 1964 could sell for £1m


Missing medieval walrus tusk warrior was purchased in Edinburgh and stored in drawer

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Too much for gambling, too little for science. :-) (Sorry, I couldn't resist.)

:-)  With a rainy and foggy day like today it is your only resort

This afternoon.
(By the way, the façade with columns is the rear facade of the Biblioteca Capitolare)
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80th Tata Steel Chess Tournament, Round 7
by Tata Steel Chess on YouTube

Live broadcast of the 80th Tata Steel Chess Tournament with commentary by Yasser Seirawan, Robin van Kampen Eric Hansen, Jan Smeets, Ivan Sokolov, Sipke Ernst, Stefan Kuipers, Fiona Steil-Antoni and Tex de Wit.

Yifan Hou vs Carlsen!

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Wusste ich bisher so nicht.
Ein guter Artikel

Der lange Abstieg einer Legende (2019, taz)

Bobby Fischer verbrachte die letzten Jahre seines Lebens als gebrochener Mann in Island. Erstmals spricht nun der Priester, der ihm den letzten Segen gab.

Bobby Fischer (14th Chess Olympiad, 1960 in Leipzig)

Bobby Fischer

EDIT. Photo update
don't speak no Deutsch, unluckily.... :(
The article reports about the last years of his life on Iceland. A sad story.