In our adult-centric world, children are almost never considered as interlocutors by adults. Their passive role makes them victims of environmental and institutional violence. This violence - discarding violence in extreme contexts, work, sexual, war - takes place fundamentally in the family and at school. But the city also represses them, leaving them with no space to play or move freely.

One of the most interesting non-institutional initiatives that has recently appeared is that of the Caja de Música scholarships, created and managed by Alicia Murillo from Seville and the patrons who support her. In the Sala Mera, Seville, a multidisciplinary space, boys and girls at risk of social exclusion and victims of violence, learn with the help of music: "Music does not work miracles - says Alicia Murillo - but playing music together makes them trust each other again". And they need to trust the adult world that has betrayed them again. Instead of chairs there are carpets with cushions and toys. And a courtyard without cars...
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