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Toys of the avant-garde
toys of the avant-garde


before I even
start talking about this
amazing exhibition catalog
I bought today,
just want to say,
that the
marionette puppet
maybe the coolest thing
have seen in a
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 Kids  Art  Reshares
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Un quadro che coglie stupendamente lo stupore

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thanks @manuel-jf

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"Un niño, un profesor, un bolígrafo y un libro pueden cambiar el mundo." (Malala Yousafzai)
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Thank you for remembering this fascinating story that Miguela discovered!  (The link you put on my channel is obsolete)
Hello Manuel
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Rügen was not Christian at this time. It was conquered by the danish and germans at 1168. Before it was Slavic. And until the migration period (Germans --> Rom) it was Germanic. But most of them left Rügen to the south.
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... as I do each year (holidays in Italy) ;-)

Must be something in the genes.
Back to the topic, the treasure. The Slavic were very successful pirates. That might be the reason why the Danish treasures were found on both Islands Hiddensee and Rügen. The pirates might have taken them away from the Danish. My guess.