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 My birthday Utepils

Inizio: venerdì 20 aprile 2018 @ 17:00
We're going to celebrate my birthday (one excuse as valid as any other) with Utepils.
Starting today, 5pm.
If you need me I'll be in the park downstairs, follow the cheers.
Thanks guys, grazie ragazzi :D
It would be nice to meet somewhere somehow... at least those who live in or happen to travel across Europe
@mrjive Switzerland is in the middle of Europe and neutral - and we have mountains. I'd say here is the best place for a meeting...  ;-)
Switzerland is ok for me ;)

(sorry, doing it again, publicly)

A small issue came out lately in a post of mine, which a user wanted to reshare.
After a while of struggling, he came up with the expression "Holy meetball! It's a private post, that's why I cannot share it!".

He's a smart guy (you can tell from the expression he used ;) and eventually understood what was the problem, but many people maybe just give up looking for a "share" button and get a negative impression on HZ.

So maybe
  • It would be nice to have the share button more at hand, like near the [like][unlike] buttons
  • maybe even if the post is not sharable, the button should stay there, greyed out, with a tooltip saying "this post cannot be shared because of its ACL" or something like that.
  • maybe an option to share the just content of the post (which now is possible via cut/paste anyway)
  • maybe an option to ask the author to be quoted in the reshare and a link to the original post. Even if the original post is private and a login is necessary to see the content, this could be a nice feature.

Here's some more MAYBEs and PERHAPSs and IMOs to add at your will to the above statements ;)

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