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Two of them you already now, the third is a new entry! (At least for me)

The Life and Chess of Rudolf Charousek, Mir Sultan Khan, and Rashid Nezhmetdinov


In this lecture, given at Center64 ( on June 24, 2015, Lucas Anderson presents the biographies of three highly requested players.  These players exhibiited tremendous potential but eac

In the last round of the great 1896 Nürnberg tournament, World Champion Emanuel Lasker was beaten by an almost totally unknown player: 23 year old Hungarian Rudolf Rezső Charousek. This was the stunning start to one of the shortest, and most brilliant, careers in all chess history.

Charousek proceeded to beat every single strong master of his era and to finish first or second in every tournament he played after Nürnberg. Mikhail Chigorin gave him the appropriate nickname "The New Morphy."

Like a comet, Charousek flared across the chess firmament, shone with an incandescent brilliance, and was gone.
Who was Rudolf Charousek?


Today in 1900, Rudolf Charousek, the Czech-Hungarian master, died at the age of 26. Charousek learnt to play chess when he was 16 but in the course of his short career managed to beat a number of strong players — among them World Champion Emanuel Lasker. The writer Gustav Meyrink immortalised Charousek in his novel "The Golem", one of the classics of fantastic literature.

Charousek:  The First Hungarian Superstar The entire chess world wept at his untimely passing on April 18, 1900.  Just 26 years old. 10 years after first learning how to move the pieces. Rudolf Cha…

Charousek: The First Hungarian Superstar


Rudolf Charousek: Part II Soon afterwards, a big international tournament was held in Budapest. Both Charousek and Tchigorin tied for first in a strong field, ahead of both Pillsbury and Schlechter…
Rudolf Charousek: The First Hungarian Superstar
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Hubzilla 3.4 Released!
For Hubzilla 3.4 we focused on overall usability improvements. A new permission role (social - federation) has been introduced. This is the most permissive role we provide and it aligns well with the capabilities of the protocols we federate with (diaspora, activitypub, ostatus).

An autosave functionality for posts and comments has been implemented. Posts and comments are now autosaved to the browsers local storage (no, we don't send your unfinished work to the server). If you accidentally reload your window or navigate somewhere else, you will not loose your work anymore. When you return back to your unsent post or comment, the text will be waiting there for you as if nothing happened. This functionality is enabled by default and can be disabled in additional features > post composition features settings if desired.

The technical skill level setting has been merged and streamlined with the additional features page. This makes it easier to adjust the skill level to a comfortable value.

Another important change to mention here is that the author menu has been moved from the item dropdown menu (bottom-right of posts and comments) to the author photo. All author related functions are now accessible directly by clicking the author photo.

Last but not least some of the redbasic theme schemas have been renamed to better reflect their purpose in the naming. The simple_* schemas are unmaintained at the moment and were therefore marked deprecated. If nobody from the community steps up and maintains them, they will be removed with the next release. Due to the renaming of the schemas you will have to set your schema again after your hub has been updated. This does not affect you if you are using the default schema (Focus).

Other notable changes:

  • Introduced trending tags for the public stream app
  • Implemented visible star status for starred posts
  • Fix issue where we were forced to log back in after leaving a delegated channel
  • Implemented last commented expiration setting for admins
  • Implement OAuth2/OpenIDConnect server
  • Chats are now saved obscurified in the DB (just like private mails)
  • Introduced a simple way to share links to wiki pages
  • The new member widget has been converted to a feature - it can now be turned on/off
  • Initial support for alternative sort orders on the cloud pages
  • Postgresql fixes
  • Introduction of the e-commerce/cart addon (beta - experimental)
  • Introduction of the fuzzloc addon - blur your browser location
  • Improved interoperability with mastodon (activitypub)
  • Numerous bugfixes and overall improvements

As always, a big THANK YOU! to all the translators and everybody who is helping to improve Hubzilla with each release.

Get it while it's hot!

To update an existing installation (installed via git) please execute util/udall from your Hubzilla webroot.
If you participated in the RC testing, remember to git checkout master (core and addon) before the update.

Please consider to support this project:

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 My birthday Utepils

Starts: Friday April 20, 2018 @ 5:00 PM
We're going to celebrate my birthday (one excuse as valid as any other) with Utepils.
Starting today, 5pm.
If you need me I'll be in the park downstairs, follow the cheers.
Happy belated birthday!  I hope that it was enjoyable and relaxing!
it was, indeed :D
Happy birthday, @mrjive ! \o/

(sorry, doing it again, publicly)

A small issue came out lately in a post of mine, which a user wanted to reshare.
After a while of struggling, he came up with the expression "Holy meetball! It's a private post, that's why I cannot share it!".

He's a smart guy (you can tell from the expression he used ;) and eventually understood what was the problem, but many people maybe just give up looking for a "share" button and get a negative impression on HZ.

So maybe
  • It would be nice to have the share button more at hand, like near the [like][unlike] buttons
  • maybe even if the post is not sharable, the button should stay there, greyed out, with a tooltip saying "this post cannot be shared because of its ACL" or something like that.
  • maybe an option to share the just content of the post (which now is possible via cut/paste anyway)
  • maybe an option to ask the author to be quoted in the reshare and a link to the original post. Even if the original post is private and a login is necessary to see the content, this could be a nice feature.

Here's some more MAYBEs and PERHAPSs and IMOs to add at your will to the above statements ;)

!Hubzilla Development !Hubzilla Support Forum @Raphael Pallavicini