(sorry, doing it again, publicly)

A small issue came out lately in a post of mine, which a user wanted to reshare.
After a while of struggling, he came up with the expression "Holy meetball! It's a private post, that's why I cannot share it!".

He's a smart guy (you can tell from the expression he used ;) and eventually understood what was the problem, but many people maybe just give up looking for a "share" button and get a negative impression on HZ.

So maybe
  • It would be nice to have the share button more at hand, like near the [like][unlike] buttons
  • maybe even if the post is not sharable, the button should stay there, greyed out, with a tooltip saying "this post cannot be shared because of its ACL" or something like that.
  • maybe an option to share the just content of the post (which now is possible via cut/paste anyway)
  • maybe an option to ask the author to be quoted in the reshare and a link to the original post. Even if the original post is private and a login is necessary to see the content, this could be a nice feature.

Here's some more MAYBEs and PERHAPSs and IMOs to add at your will to the above statements ;)

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