On the Riverbank 
An actual Hobbit House just down the road.
@mrjive LoooL
Is that an actual tshirt?

@Waitman Gobble Wow. Another Myst-fan. Contrary to my beloved I am not really into computer games, after a while I loose patience. But the Myst series is the only one I really played through, well, we played together. And I loved every minute of it. Still a fan. She no longer seems to like it that much, she recently said she now prefers open worlds, where she can freely stroll around.
But me: Myst.
The other game I really played through is Monkey Island. But only 1, during 2 I quickly lost patience and started learning how to actually use a PC, that was my firat one, back in 1994.
@mrjive OK, I found the image. This phrase seems to be used quite a bit, also pribted onto tshirt fronts. *g*
yep, classical image :)