since we are in 2019...we start to get used to the idea.

The business of eating bugs


They’re a rich source of protein and use a fraction of the resources of beef or poultry. If people can get over the ‘ew’ factor, edible insects are poised to become a massive industry.
 from Diaspora
@Giacomino the insect kingdom is a massive untapped food supply as well as a source of clinical nutrition. The thought still grosses me out personally, but I understand the potential.
Spaghetti or death!
This is our future

Insects for food and feed


Trends towards 2050 predict a steady population increase to 9 billion people, forcing an increased food/feed output from available agro-ecosystems resulting in an even greater pressure on the environment. Scarcities of agricultural land, water, forest, fishery and biodiversity resources, as well as nutrients and non-renewable  energy are foreseen....