Many thanks to massimiliano and the #Disroot community for creating and sharing their new Hubzilla #app for #Android. I was able to compile and install from the source code with no trouble at all (git clone, open in Android Studio, Build, install generated APK). This is an exciting addition that I personally have been seeking for a long time. I tried several times over the years to get an Android app online, but I just didn't have the time and expertise to get the job done. Now I am happy to study the #AndHub source and hopefully to contribute where I can to improve it.

disroot / AndHub
Hubzilla Android app
@Massimiliano you're the man!
What I wonder is how hard it will be to make a html 5 app for the librem 5 (currently stuck on ios till that comes out)
@mrjive you can try SailfishX. Still lacks many features but very promising.