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Hello forum. Hubzilla is full of feature. they have a lot but when you don't need it you don't care. Now I have a need. I am sure hubzilla is able to do it.

I want to share with some people who do not have account special content. For exemple I put holiday photo. I don't want that the whole planet know that I was on vacation so only people who have the link would be able to see.

How should I process. I once tryed token or strange things like that but at that time I didnt have any needs. What is the step by step how to.

I just want a link I will send to my contact. Just like nextcloud is able to do in one click. Maybe we can do it in 2 or 3 clicks but it should works the same way.
I create a token --> create a post with special permission
--> then I go to token page again to check the link but probably it give each time a new password.

We must have the possibility to have new url with password for old token.  For each token we should have the information  : access url and expiration date. Cause if you don't write the link you loose it.

Click the token name of the token you want the information for from the list of tokens you've created at the bottom of the page.

By default we set the landing page up to create a new token by only supplying a name and click the button. We'll choose a short "usually pronounceable" word for a password - though you can over-ride this. Select any existing token to examine it or change it or delete it. I don't know how to make this any easier without actually reading your mind.
Thank you I will check again how to get the URK of and old token that I created already.

For me token is like group but for people who does not have hubzilla account.  I hope I am not wrong if I use like this. I think it will be easier for adoption with a simple link that asking people to create account.
I am really a slow learner !!! I just discover that if we clic on an old talken we can see the password dans date etc.. and change it.

I played a little with it. It works nicely. I also created a new profile for 'visitor' but that part did not work my special profile for visitors was not displayed but only the default profile.

Token is kind of invitation for people who are not registered yet.