Using Hubzilla to advance the development of Nextcloud federation
For those who have not heard of Hubzilla, it is an advanced platform for content publishing  and social networking using a decentralized identity and permissions system. Hubzilla and Nextcloud are converging from their initially different starting points, and it would be beneficial for the two projects to begin seeing what they can learn from the other.    Specifically, Nextcloud started with a focus on a robust web interface for storing personal data as well as apps to sync this data between de...
@mrjive You can upload files in Hubzilla and in owncloud front owncloud but there the issue you need two logins. What a easy can be one single Login in Hubzilla and owncloud or netcloud inside us APP .
i start development time ago a IMAP connector hubzilla owncloud for solve that but I make a simple request in Hubzilla developers for have a option for block users change password because that will be done by my external connector .
Not one reply not one interest . That means I close the development
Actually, always using webdav, you can login in owncloud with your hubzilla account. I tried once, just to test, and it worked. If you are interested I can try to do it again and tell you exactly how.
we are talking about bridge login a full software no webdav