San Francisco, CA (Map) 
It took @Andrew Manning 18 days to beat my ass in Hubzilla Chess, but I'd gladly play him again.
@Andrew Manning sorry, I don't get the difference (my poor english...) ... or maybe that is what I meant... :P
it's some time ago I used the #nomadicidentity to use my account from a different hub, so the question is:

can I just clone the parts of my account into another hub that are needed for the chess game?
So I wouldn't want to clone all my network activity etc. to not waste resources.
There is no way to customize the cloning behavior that I know about. The chess game is hosted on the game owner's hub, and when you play, you authenticate to that hub and interact with the remote hub's webpage. So without the chess add-on installed on your hub, you will have to request a game with someone who does have it installed.